A Few Words About Us

Igloo Cold Storage, A Supply Chain Partner You Can Trust!

Igloo Cold Storage is a part of the Tom Lange Co. family of companies which have been providing professional services to the produce industry for over 50 years. We have a long standing reputation in the industry of always doing business with the utmost levels honesty and integrity and adding value for our customers.

While being a relatively new venture, Igloo Cold Storage is under the management of a team of professionals that has vast array of experience in the handling and logistics of highly perishable, temperature sensitive commodities.

Together with our sister company Global Logistics & Transportation, we offer full temperature controlled point to point transportation services across Canada and the United States. We have long standing relationships with some of North America's top refrigerated carriers as well as our own contracted owner operators. If you want to further simplify your cold chain, entrust us with the management of your logistics needs and rest assured that your product will always arrive safe and on time.

Our Services

QC inspections
Fresh produce is perishable and requires special handling practices, at Igloo Cold Storage our experienced receivers will save your organization time and money by doing the proper receiving and QC of your load upon arrival to advise of quality and condition. Igloo Cold Storage provides you with the needed information to determine if an inspection on the load is warranted or not, which is of maximum use when negotiating a claim. Both inspections that are not called when needed and inspections that are called when not needed cost companies money.
Regrade / repack
Our production team has many years of experience handling produce. Whether we are re-palletizing, sorting, re-grading or re-packing, rest assured that Igloo Cold Storage will maximize your yield on production in all circumstances, providing you with the highest quality pack-out in order to obtain the best possible returns.
Cross Dock
The most profitable way to manage your distribution and logistics requirements is also the most efficient. At Igloo Cold Storage, we offer our customers the opportunity to cross-dock their products to keep products moving quickly through order fulfillment channels and to avoid incurring the additional costs of warehousing and handling.